Why I love Notion

Abha Malpani Naismith
3 min readJul 26, 2023

If your work requires you manage tasks, projects, or write, you really need no other tool than Notion.

Notion is a project management space where you can think, write, and plan — everything.

You can capture thoughts, manage projects, manage all your files and folders, plan you tasks — basically run your entire company, exactly the way you want.

Now that it also has an AI assistant, using Notion for pretty much ALL your tasks, is a no brainer.

Here is how I use Notion, and why I think it is so great:

Easy and intuitive to use: You will hardly have to spend any time figuring out how to use Notion. The interface is clean and with just a little fiddling you can work out how to use it.

Minimalist interface: The interface of Notion is literally like a word document, except with magical powers! You can add design and icons to it if you want to, or leave it plain white — which is my preference.

Take notes and bookmark links: If you are anything like me, you write on post-its, multiple notebooks, on your hand, on the notes app on your phone — and then you don’t find anything when you need it. Notion allows you to quickly open it and take notes on it quickly and in one place. You can also store all your links to read later in one place.

Design, share, publish in one click: You can also design a page in Notion by upload-drag-drop, and then even publish that page to share with anyone. You can also give the person you share the page with editing rights, or just viewing rights, like Google docs.

It’s all no code: You do not need to know a word of any coding language to be able to build and design pages, templates or websites in Notion. It’s all intuitive. The most you may have to do is upload images, read some tips or watch a short Youtube video.

Live docs: Like Google docs, all files are live and updated in realtime by anyone who has access.

Access from anywhere: You can access your entire Notion workspace from your phone, on the go with wifi.

Build tables and databases: You can build some complex tables and databases to organise your work; you can even add formulas to them to automate the math if required.

Templates to organise your work: If you are like me, and not great at creating your own dashboards, Notion offers pre-built free templates to users to help you organise your work.

AI assistant: It will do pretty much anything you ask it to, and what’s best is that you don’t have to leave Notion to use it.

It’s free or really cheap: Unless you want to store files in Notion or use AI to its full capacity, you do not need to pay a penny to use Notion. If you choose to upgrade, the Notion plus plan is only $8 per month and Notion AI is about $100 per year. The free version allows you to collaborate with 10 people, play Plus version 100 people and gives you a .notion domain. Even if you go for the Business Plan, it’s only $15 per month, you could run your small business on it!

So, if you are looking for a reasonable and really efficient tool to manage all your tasks and make the most of AI, look no further, get Notion.

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