What I learned earning my first $1000 online

Abha Malpani Naismith
8 min readOct 25, 2023

It’s not easy, it’s not a quick fix, but anyone can do it.

Rehearsing my first paid mini-workshop

I have been working towards creating multiple sources of income online, for the past two years.

Although an online writer since 2005, I never wrote to make money, I wrote to write. I did get many gigs writing for online publications, but apart from that, what I wrote for myself, the voice I shared, never made a dime.

Back in the day, that wasn’t really a business model anyway. It was early days of the democratisation of the internet, new platforms were now available to express yourself, and all I wanted was to write on these platforms so I could be heard, and just perhaps, make a difference to someone’s life.

A few years ago, I packaged all the writing I did between 2005–2008, into a book. The book has done well, I have sold 369 copies of it.

A few months ago, a local book club chose my book to read and I was invited to speak to a group of 22 people who read my book, and were keen to hear more.

Me speaking at the bookclub (top left)

It was one of the most rewarding evenings I’ve had in a long time. But that’s really as far as that story goes.

Did I miss the wave?

Over the past few years, I see so many individuals online, not only writing and having their voice heard, but becoming their own brands that they are able to monetise with their skillset.

Seeing so many writers, bloggers and course creators online using web3 and AI tools to build a business around something they had been doing only for a few years, made me wonder — I have been doing these things for at least 10 years longer than they have, how are they able to earn a living from it and not me?

Unfulfilled in my job, with lack of flexibility to be the mum I wanted to be, the nagging thought that when I have all the skills I need to build something of my own online, why am I not doing it?

So I made a decision to just start.

I worked on my side-hustle in the fringes of my time and, a few weeks ago (finally!) I made $1000 from my…



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