Want to make a children’s book for World Book Day?

Abha Malpani Naismith
3 min readMar 7, 2024

I’ll show you how you can do it with AI in 90 minutes.

When I read books with my children, they always come up with their own additions or modifications to the story.

Sometimes their stories are even better than the books we read together! Especially the reading books from school haha :)

Do you find that, too?

Well, what if I told you that you can make your child’s version of their favourite book, or a story your child has told you, into a book in 90 minutes? (Yes, with a little help from AI :)

Can you imagine their face when they see what they have been talking about, in a book!?

My Children’s AI Book Creation Course teaches you how to write, illustrate design and publish a children’s book using AI in just 90 minutes.

And because it’s World Book Day, I’m offering you a 50% discount to make this a lot easier to grab! Valid for 48 hours only.

Here’s what my course covers in 90-minutes:

  • Storytelling made easy: We’ll play around with ChatGPT to whip up your…



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