Staying organised and productive on the go with Notion

Abha Malpani Naismith
3 min readOct 4, 2022

When you are trying to do a lot of things (isn’t that all of us?), and are often running around with work, school pick-ups, errands, side project, exercise and uhh life (!), it’s hard to keep everything systematic and organised.

Notorius for not able to keep one notebook, and for not knowing where my notebooks are, or what I’ve written in which one (anyone else?!) I’ve stopped using them for a while now.

I tried the notes app on my iPhone, however I don’t find it reliable. I could never find what I’m looking for, and they often open as blank, requiring me to email the note to myself to see it.

And then I started relying on Gmail for quick notes that I saved in my drafts and emailed them to myself. Atleast I knew I wouldn’t lose them. Ugh — pretty awful system, right?

So when I heard about Notion, and how it was changing people’s way of organising their tasks, jobs, work, calendars — everything, I jumped on it.

What is Notion?

For those of you not familiar with Notion, it is a genius all-in-one SaaS platform no-code platform that allows me to build a personalized dashboard where I can store, write, plan and manage — everything.

Numerous templates: It has so many formats, features and templates that I can use for anything I can think of.

Live links: It’s cloud based so I can access from anywhere; also I can use the app from my phone for quick access. Everything you work on in Notion gives you the option to offer real-time sharable / editable links.

And, it’s free to use on a personal level!

Having used it for six months now, it’s revolutionized my way to keep up with things and I’ve only just started with it!

Here is what I have in my Notion dashboard

Family calendar: Keeping track of all our personal and work commitments; kids school activities, classes, birthdays. We have a calendar in Notion that we can update on a live-link so that me and my husband can keep track of what’s happening when.

To-do lists: All my to-do lists are stored here with checkboxes to tick as I complete them.

Personal info bank: I store my profiles, resume, written work, portfolios and pictures on Notion.

Working Mums Club project management: I plan, run, manage, write and save all the tasks related to this newsletter and my digital services / products in Notion.

Writing for Triple Pundit: All my upcoming stories, past stories, interviews in the pipeline, drafts for my writing, invoices, are saved here.

Resources vault: Every single resource (links, articles, podcasts, videos, courses, books) I find that I have used, or want to refer to in the future, I have saved here for quick and easy reference. This way when I have some time, I can go straight to that link and spend time on something I have book marked already.

Password keeper for courses and communities: I am part of 17 communities that require user-names and passwords. All of them are logged here, again for easy access.

Coaching workspace: All the work I do with my coach is saved here — for easy access, to reflect, to modify, to share easily with my coach so we are not emailing different documents to each other all the time.

Mind-blowing tools that leverage Notion

There are many tools like, Save to Notion — where you retweet with a hashtag #savetonotion and the tweet gets automatically saved into your Notion page for reference later; Potion — a tool with which you can create a website from whatever content you have written in Notion; Feather — allows you to write and publish a blog via Notion. The list goes on and it never ceases to amaze me.

Making money from Notion

Also, people are making crazy money selling templates on Notion. 20 year old Easlo, for example, makes $12,000 / month selling Notion templates. It is incredible and mind-boggling. He talks about it here.

I am constantly amazed by what Web3 has to offer us.

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