New year, new energy, new habits

Highlights from a call with James Clear

I have always felt that there is a a unique energy that is up for grabs at the beginning of a new year, and it is up to you how you catch and use it.

Live call with James Clear organised by Nesslabs

On reflection and your values

One of the key questions James Clear asks himself when he is in reflection mode is “what are my core values, and where am I not living up to them?” A tough yet important question to evaluate yourself against.

On habits

The core of Atomic Habits is how small habits have the power to alter your identity. They embody and reinforce your desired identity. So when you pick the habits you want, ask yourself “Who is it that you want to be? What habits will give you the identity you want?

On new ideas

We consume so much information all day everyday, and often don’t give a second thought on how that information is impacting us. “Every idea you have is a downstream of something you consumed,” says Clear. “Make sure you are selective of your content diet. “What inputs do I need to generate the outputs that I want?”

On perspective and mindset when things get tough

The lockdowns got the better of all of us. On the call, James Clear reminded us of perspective and how reframing a situation in your mind can shift everything for the better. “What if you thought of it [lockdown] not as a prison, but a chrysalis. Go in and transform yourself.”



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