My wild ride so far as an aspiring solopreneur

Abha Malpani Naismith
4 min readJan 26, 2024

After a restful last week of December 2023, I have gone full throttle on my own projects this month.

It’s only January and I have:

  • Done a live workshop, recorded 2 podcasts, will be recording 2 more next month. (I will let you know when they are out!)
  • Connected with other mum communities in Dubai. I am presenting about AI at events for all of them; one tomorrow and 2 in the first week of February, and one in April!
  • Started building a new website. I’m moving from Wordpress to Squarespace, and I am loving how easy it is to build in Squarespace. (I have not outsourced anything, yet)
  • Connected with amazing people (mostly mums!) and I hope to bring their expertise and stories to you soon. There is so much we can learn from each other!
  • Written 2 journalistic stories that will cover my costs for January.
  • Shown up on Instagram with a video post a few times a week.
  • Enrolled in an online ads camp, an affiliate marketing camp and an AI camp.
  • Planned my Youtube channel launch for the second week of February!

I’m listing all this because I cannot believe that when you change your focus to what you really want to do, the momentum that comes with it is incredible. I am literally just going for it!

However, that comes with it’s own challenges and I am working a lot on my mindset to make some fundamental shifts. Especially my money mindset.

One of the challenges I had last year after I left my job in June 2023, was that I took on a lot of freelance work. It was great and I worked on some fantastic projects with incredible people. However, it took away from building my own work.

I think I needed to do that though, as I struggle with not having a stable income and easily get into the mindset of scarcity and lack. Freelancing straight after quitting a corporate job gave me the so called ‘validation’ I needed that I can still be ‘in the game’ on my own terms.

This is the mindset I am working on changing.

It’s okay to invest in yourself when you are building your dream life. It’s the price you pay to build that



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