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Abha Malpani Naismith
4 min readApr 7, 2022

Are you open to new opportunities?

Ramadan Kareem to all those observing the holy month. Although I do not fast during Ramadan, I do take the quiet time to reflect on what’s important, re-establish priorities, and nourish my mind to keep me driven and motivated. I enjoy observing the moon’s phases every day too — it’s just beautiful.

What’s driving me these days

At the moment, I am totally engulfed in new online tools that can make my work and personal life more organised, and that can unleash creativity I’ve never been able to tap into without being overwhelmed. Let me explain :)

Yours truly :)

The way the internet is evolving is that it’s making it possible for anyone to create anything, with no background or technological skills. And as web3 evolves, creating online is only going to get easier. (Umm…what is web3? This is all you need to know for now :)

The opportunities this presents on a personal and professional level is truly mind boggling:

  • You no longer need to buy unicorn or spaceship colouring books for your kids. You can create your own printables for them, just like they want, for free
  • You don’t need to contract a design or video production house, pay them a good sum of money, and have to wait days for them to deliver a dynamic presentation or simple animation. You can do it yourself within a few hours using tools like Mojo and Visme.
  • You don’t need to learn php, or hire a web developer to develop your own website or landing page; using Wordpress, Convertkit, or a tool like Carrd, you can do it yourself within a day.
  • You can write, design, format and publish a book for under $200 using Amazon’s self-publishing tool — I did it here, incase you are interested. Designs can be created with tools like Canva. You can pay someone as little as $100 to format your book for different platforms via sites like Fiverr or Upwork.
  • You can organise all your work, make your own planning templates and operating systems in Notion (and even sell them if you wanted to!)
  • You don’t even have to know how to write, AI sites like Jasper and will even do the writing for you.

For someone like me who works in communications, this is a game changer. With the world changing so rapidly, I need to be able to produce high quality engaging content, quickly, without breaking the bank.

Not only do I save time and money, but I get the opportunity to learn and explore new ways of doing, new ways of creating; which ultimately results in unique types of content.

What’s more, everything is done in the cloud, which means with a username and password, I can access any tool from anywhere, and any content I have created from anywhere; as long as I have an internet connection.

There are no limits to creativity online. I truly believe everyone with a desire to ‘create’ using online tools will thrive in so many ways:

  • Your work will be more efficient
  • Your output will look more professional
  • You will be more organized
  • It will fuel your desire to learn and evolve
  • It will help you keep up with the times
  • It will give you a creative outlet
  • It can make you money if you want it to
  • So, are you open to welcome these new opportunities?

If you are someone who wants to establish a presence online, or make your online presence more interesting; or a marketer looking to shake up your creative campaigns; or you want to start a side-hustle for some passive income to trickle in; or you just want to unleash your creative mind and create; online tools that fuel the creator economy can give you all of it.

I’m so excited about what that may mean for the future. (More on the creator economy here)

Technology might be taking away many jobs, but it is also creating new industries and opportunities that didn’t exist before.

We hear too often about how automation and AI are going to take our jobs, but what we don’t hear about enough is how so many new, unimagined opportunities will open for anyone willing to explore them.

Do you have time to learn to create?

Of course you don’t.

However, if you can make some time to explore these tools, you will see a whole new world of opportunities opening for you — just like I am.

I hope this post has opened some windows in your mind.

If you like what you have read, I write more like this on my Working Mums Club Substack

A round up of the tools I’ve mentioned in this story:

Visme: An all-in-one visual content platform that allows everyone, including non-designers, to create beautiful presentations, infographics, reports and social media images in minutes.

Mojo: With hundreds of templates, text effects and high-quality animations, Mojo makes it super easy to create any sort of online content, especially for social media.

Canva: A design tool that makes it possible to design anything and publish anywhere.

Carrd: Helps you build one-page sites for pretty much anything.

Notion: Notion helps you schedule tasks, manage files, save documents, set reminders, keep agendas, and organize your work

Jasper: High quality AI copywriting tool.

Wordpress: Easy tool to build a website with pre-set templates to choose from.

Convertkit: A marketing platform helping creators build and nurture an email list, and earn a living online



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